Automatic Time Tracking

Find out why automatic time tracking is more beneficial than manual methods

Save money, implement quickly

Yaware.TimeTracker is a web-based time tracking solution, so it takes less time to start using comparing to a desktop application. You can install Yaware on employees computers in one of the ways: by sending email invitations, via local network or by hand (if your team is small). Choose whichever option you find the best.

No hassle, accurate data only

When you are striving for improving the performance of your business, accuracy is crucial. Yaware.TimeTracker is automatic, so employees don’t have to hit the start and stop button. So, both the team stays focused, and you receive an accurate picture of their day. No human interaction needed, no fraud, only transparency.

Manage schedules easily and accurately

Schedule management can easily become a hassle. But automatic time tracking makes it significantly easier. You can set different monitoring schedules, and so, capture time when it’s needed. Enable 24-hour monitoring if you have employees with flexible schedules, or set a fixed monitoring for a regular 9 to 5 working day.

Capture everything employees do offline

Yaware.TimeTracker automatically captures the time spent on meetings, lunch breaks, negotiations, etc. It presents you the opportunity to see how often employees distract (how many breaks they take), if there are any time-eaters (like multiple meetings), etc. This way you can rearrange the workflow so that employees would feel better and nothing unproductive would consume their time.

Ever dreamt of a single automatic timesheet?

Timesheets are necessary for every business, but if you keep them the wrong way, they can easily become a time and money consuming hole of your business.

So, step away from paper and Excel spreadsheets. Move on to the new way of keeping timesheets – automatic.

Using Yaware.TimeTracker you don’t have to manage multiple timesheets. You navigate within a single workspace where you can change the data if necessary.

What’s the trick, if I still have to edit the data? Editing is not an obligation, it is a possibility.

Yaware.TimeTracker will automatically log the working time and days into a timesheet. All you have to do is set the time that employee has to spend working at the computer, and the software will do the rest of the job.

automatic time tracking

Analyze the data quickly, even if you have a big company

You can build a hierarchy within Yaware.TimeTracker, so the data will be grouped by departments, depicting the structure of the company. This way you can find employees’ data faster and compare the overall performance of departments.

Optimize the payroll process and make it transparent

Accuracy is also important when you’re calculating wages. By tracking time automatically, you ensure that no one added up or took away hours. And you always have a data backup whenever disputed situations happen.

Benefit automatic productivity evaluation

There is nothing more important than continuously improving employee productivity. Yaware.TimeTracker gives you the opportunity to measure the efficiency of employees’ work automatically.

The software follows a simple principle: all Internet resources and applications are divided into three categories:

  • productive
  • unproductive
  • neutral

Each category is marked with a color, so in the reports you see colorful blocks that show you employee’s productivity.

Except for that, you can check which websites/applications the employee has visited/used and the duration of each session.

automatic time tracking

Check the ratings of your most and least productive employees

Yaware.TimeTracker builds employee ratings according to the amount of productive and unproductive time. Use these ratings to reward your best-performing employees and find out the reasons for why the least productive employees are underperforming.

Use visual data to get a deeper look into the work of remote employees

Screenshots are perfect is you want to monitor the work of freelancers. Using them you can check the productivity of time use, track the progress of the project and keep records of the worked time. This way, you can analyze freelancer’s work as if s/he was right nest door.

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