How to measure employee productivity

Check how Yaware.TimeTracker brilliantly fosters performance of your staff

Tracks Time and Productivity Silently

Yaware.TimeTracker captures time and assesses employee productivity silently, in the background. No need to press the start button, when employee begins the workday and stop the timer at the end of the day. The application will automatically track the beginning and the end of activitites.

Use the Reports to Increase Productivity

Yaware.TimeTracker generates simple, yet insightful reports, that allow to accurately measure productivity of every employee. Using this information you can make the right decisions to help staffers work better and enhance the success of your company.

Measure Employee Productivity On the Go

With Yaware.TimeTracker you can assess the productivity of your employees from any Internet connected device. Simply download the application for your smartphone or log in to your account from any computer. You can also receive the reports with the summary of employees work every day, week or month on your email.

Let Employees Increase Their Productivity Too

Yaware.TimeTracker allows employees to impact the efficiency of company’s work by increasing personal productivity. The application provides every employee with a personal report that give a better understanding of where the time goes and how productivity changes during the day.

Assess Employee Productivity Automatically

You can save time and efforts on assessing employee productivity and leave mosts of the work to an automated productivity tracking system.

Yaware.TimeTracker uses a very simple principle to measure the productivity of your employees. All used websites and applications are divided into:

  • productive (work-related);
  • unproductive (distracting);
  • neutral (rarely used).
How to measure employee productivity

Reduce Productivity Patches

Using Yaware.TimeTracker you can find out when the efficiency of employees is at its top and bottom. By checking the reports you can determine the time what time the productivity patches happen and reduce them.

Monitor Internet and Software Usage

Along with the productivity status, Yaware.TimeTracker captures the time that employee spends on every website and application. It helps you to understand what really distracts and helps employees to work, as well as eliminate time-eaters.

Consider The Time Employees Spend Away From the Computer

Idle activities also matter when it comes to measuring employee productivity.

Yaware.TimeTracker captures offline activities automatically, so employees don’t have to switch between online and offline activities. If they need to leave the workplace, they just leave it, and the app will start recording the time as offline after a set period of computer’s inactivity.

Customize the System According to Your Needs

Yaware.TimeTracker allows to adjust the tracking settings according to employee’s position in the company. You can set a different time of the beginning and the end of the working day, productivity statuses of apps in order measure the productivity of staff in a most accurate way possible.

Check the Workplace that’s in a Distance

Assessing productivity of remote employees and offices is easy with Yaware.TimeTracker. The application enables you to get screenshots and webcam shots of remote workplaces. You can check is your employees stay productive and also if the workplace is safe.

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