iPhone time tracking app

Track time and productivity on the go

Yaware iPhone time tracking app

Measure everything, anytime, anywhere with our iPhone time tracking app

Time and attendance tracking

Check the start/end of each working day, manage schedules and estimate time and productivity of full or part-time staff.

Analyse productivity

Observe where time goes, what activities consume most of that time and most importantly, can you improve your performance?

Instant notifications

Quick reminders about the latest reports on productivity directly on your phone. Stay up to date wherever you are.

iPhone time tracking app

Website and software monitoring

Check which tools keep you busy throughout the day and see how much time you spend on each application.

Measure performance

Analyze the ratio of productive/unproductive/neutral time to quickly enhance the dynamics of performance and increase productivity.

Full reporting

Inclusive, easy-to-read reports on productivity on one easy to use online platform. Measure and improve everything.

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