Time card calculator

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Project Strategy

What you can measure, you can improve. So by measuring work time you can reduce unproductive time, time spent on meetings, phone calls, breaks and more.

Employee time management

Track overtime and flexitime and find out if employees stay after hours because they want to or because they have to.

Time card calculator – a case for a flexible schedule

Letting employees work flexi-hours can bump up productivity by 200%. You can ensure that employees work 40 hours a week, and at the same time, improve their work-life balance.

Increase remote office productivity

Use the Yaware time card calculator to increase the productivity of your remote offices. Monitor their work and make timely changes as if they were working in the same building.

Yaware time card calculator for company productivity

Tracking time can be a breeze, if you’re using Yaware time calculator. Yaware automatically tracks employee time when they’re working at a computer.

In addition, the Yaware time card calculator automatically captures every website and application you work with and relates it to one the following categories:

  • Productive (apps and websites that employees need for everyday work);
  • Unproductive (distracting resources: you can decide which websites/applications are distracting. Different employees use different websites);
  • Neutral (apps and websites that are less relative to work, but do not distract employees).
Time card calculator 2

Powerful reporting

All information is supplied in the form of clear and simple diagrams that contain accurate information about the work of your staff. You can access the data from your computer or mobile phone running IOS or Android.

Manage your time better

Access your personal statistics to learn when are the most and least productive hours and where your time goes. As a result, you can eliminate time-eaters and improve productivity by yourself.

Save time using an automated solution

The Yaware time calculator starts recording time automatically when you turn on the computer and finishes and when you turn it off.

As a result, you save time on manual entries and eliminate mistakes related to them.

Time card calculator

Monitor offline activities

Get a full picture of your day even if you’re constantly working at the computer. Yaware time card calculator records the time of your absence and asks you to comment on it. the So if you have an activity that require you to go somewhere, the easiest way to track that time is to use Yaware.

Track time spent on projects\websites\applications

You switch between tasks so many times during the day that it becomes easy to lose track of where you are. Don’t ever get lost with Yaware time card calculator. At the end of the day, just look through the reports, analyze your workday and determine what took you longer than it should have.

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