Yaware.TimeTracker vs DeskTime

What Is DeskTime?

DeskTime is a real-time automatic time tracking application. The software tracks and analyzes employees’ productivity by sorting used apps and websites into three categories.

What is Yaware.TimeTracker?

Yaware.TimeTracker is a web-based software that tracks employees time automatically with uncanny accuracy. The software allows to analyze employees’ productivity and increase it.

Stopping Monitoring with DeskTime

If you want to use the computer for personal needs and need to stop the monitoring, click on the DeskTime icon and choose “Private Time”. If you want to resume the monitoring, click on “Private Time” once again.

Opportunities to Stop or Suspend Monitoring with Yaware.TimeTracker

Yaware.TimeTracker allows to stop or suspend monitoring by clicking on the icon in the system tray. You can either tell the system to resume monitoring automatically after a certain period of time, or do it manually. This feature is extremely useful for remote employees.

Timesheets to Simplify Payroll Calculations

Unlike DeskTime, Yaware.TimeTracker provides its users with an opportunity to run timesheets. They contain information about the number of worked days, schedule of each employee, data concerning days off and their reason, number of hours worked (per day).

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Timesheet will allow you to:

  • make payroll calculations more efficient
  • cut costs, and make them more visible
  • automate billing and invoicing
Yaware.TimeTracker vs DeskTime

Screenshots for Activities Verification

Yaware.TimeTracker in contrast to DeskTime allows to take screenshots. This option helps to stay always alerted on what is going on employees’ computers.

Snapshots for Compliance with Company Rules

Unlike DeskTime, Yaware.TimeTracker provides an opportunity to take webcam snapshots. Thanks to this feature, you are 100% sure who is working at the computer, and if the workplace looks fine.

One Single Report to Represent All of the Offline Activities

In contrast to DeskTime, Yaware.TimeTracker not only captures the time when employee is not working at the computer and asks to describe them, but it also generates the collected data into a single report.

[alert heading=”” type=”alert-info” block=”false” close=”true”]Do meetings or personal breaks take too long?[/alert]

The report on idle activities shows, how much time is spent on meetings, phone calls, coffee breaks, etc. The data is accurate and shows where the time goes. On its basis, you can answer the following questions:

  • How often and for how long employees are away from the computer
  • Which offline activities are most time consuming
  • If the offline activities included to employees’ responsibilities
Yaware.TimeTracker vs DeskTime

Assigning Managers with Different Access Levels

Yaware.TimeTracker offers greater flexibility, when you have to assign managers to the groups in organizational structure, as it allows to specify different view/configuration options.


DeskTime’s price is $9 for one user per month. In turn Yaware.TimeTracker costs you only $8 per employee monthly.

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