Yaware.TimeTracker vs RescueTime

What Is RescueTime?

RescueTime is the time management and productivity software that automatically measures activities on computer, such as which websites and applications are being used actively.

What Is Yaware.TimeTracker?

Yaware.TimeTracker is a web-based application aimed to analyze and increase productivity. The tool tracks time spent on all visited websites and apps automatically.

Categorization of Resources at RescueTime

RescueTime categorizes used websites and apps in the scale ranges from -2 (very unproductive) to +2 (very productive). You may also adjust the categorization to fit your view of the world and job specification.

Categorization of Resources at Yaware.TimeTracker

Yaware.TimeTracker has more than 15k resources in its database. All of them are divided into three categories: productive, neutral and unproductive. You can add new apps to the database or change their productivity status if needed.

Productivity Analysis

RescueTime and Yaware.TimeTracker allow to analyze productivity at the workplace. However, the latter simplifies the breakdown and make it more user-friendly.

Yaware.Time Tracker also provides its users with a wider range of reports on employees’ productivity, among which the most popular are:

  • Rating of productive employees;
  • Rating of unproductive employees;
  • Rating by Absence at the computer.
Yaware.TimeTracker vs RescueTime

Improved Verification with Screenshots

Unlike RescueTime, Yaware.TimeTracker allows to take screenshots. This is the quick and efficient way to verify the activities of employees at the computer.

Better Visibility with Snapshots

Yaware.TimeTracker offers its users the possibility to take snapshots of the workplace to be 100% sure, who’s working at the computer, and when. RescueTime does not provide this feature.


In contrast to RescueTime, Yaware.TimeTracker also provides its users with an opportunity to run timesheets.

[alert heading=”” type=”alert-info” block=”false” close=”true”]The following data is represented in the timesheets:[/alert]

  • employee’s schedule;
  • number of days, that have been worked according to schedule;
  • days off and their reason;
  • number of hours worked per day.

Number of hours worked per day are marked with different colors: green means, that an employee has worked the appropriate number of hours; red is for underperformance of daily rate; gray is used to show, that the employee worked outside regular hours.

Yaware.TimeTracker vs RescueTime-2


RescueTime is available for Windows, Mac and Android. In turn Yaware.TimeTracker will work perfectly on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.


The cost of RescueTime is $9 per user monthly. If you decide to use Yaware.Time Tracker you can subscribe to it for only $8 per user monthly.

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